Print Resources

These pamphlets were designed and created by our BRITE volunteer educators as resources for LGBTQ+ individuals as well as those seeking to understand and be in allyship with LGBTQ+ friends, family, and community. Plain text of these brochures is provided below. 

What is Prism?

Prism is a weekly group for LGBTQ youth ages 11 – 18 in the mid-Missouri area. This pamphlet includes information about meetings, coordinators, and history of the group. 

Check out our webpage or find us on social media to learn more!

Learning About Pronouns

Information about what pronouns are, how to create space for all pronouns, and information about gender-neutral pronouns. 

My Child Told Me They’re Trans or Non-Binary. What Now?

For parents, families, and caregivers of young people who have recently come out as transgender or non-binary. It includes support, ideas, resources, and tips from local parents.  

Trans & Non-Binary 101

Information about gender, definitions of (some) important terms, and ways to be an ally to transgender and non-binary people.