PRISM Meeting Guidelines/Rules

  1. Prism is a sober space, in practice and in speech. For safety of our meetings, no one is allowed to be at Prism while under the influence. If someone does show up under the influence, we will find them a safe ride home. We also ask that youth do not discuss drugs/alcohol at meetings in recognition that these are potentially triggering topics for people who may deal with addiction in various aspects of life. Youth are encouraged to talk privately with a coordinator if they are experiencing issues surrounding addiction or substance use. 
  2. No Outing: the things people share at Prism are confidential. Since Prism is a safe space, youth are encouraged to explore their identities at our meetings. Keep in mind that the name someone uses or the pronouns they go by at our meetings may not be what they use at school or at home.
  3. Consent! Consent is required for touching others or for talking about a potentially triggering topic. Consent must be renewed each meeting (just because someone accepted a hug last week does not mean they want a hug this week). 
  4. Be mindful of gendered language. Prism is a great space to practice using non-gendered language since there are people of many different gender identities and gender expressions! 
  5. Share the mic! Be mindful of letting other people have a turn at sharing during discussions. 
  6. No BS (bullying/shaming). Prism strives to be a bullying- and shaming-free zone. We do that through education on racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, fatphobia, classism, and all that other bad stuff!